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Hi again it’s Jackson, thanks for reading my letter on the show this week. I just had a couple more thoughts about the other members of Mr World’s spooks team

Mr Road

I’m thinking he’s the god of highways, it’s alluded in novel that highways are in league with The New Gods. It also explains why Wednesday tells Shadow to stay off the highways and stick to back roads and byways. Also he could be The God of cars, since also in the novel there are Car Gods. Since people love their cars so much, all that devotion seem like a waste if there wasn’t a god to take advantage.

Mr Town

God of The City perhaps, based on my research there is a Chinese City God in mythology called Chenghuangshen, “God of the moat and the walls, or perhaps Mr Town is the God of urbanization.

Mr Stone

I really struggled with this one the best idea I came up with is the God of masonry and buildings, God of the bricklayers. I know this is the weakest theory of the group. There want that much information about of stoned gods except in the genre of stoner metal.

Whether are not these theories are accurate remains to be seen in the coming seasons. Thank you for your time and thanks for reading my letter on the show.

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