Military Strategy – Night King

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Greetings from Geelong Australia,

Enjoyed the military analysis of the Battle of Winterfell.

I was thinking. Wasn’t the worst strategic error the choiice of ground to take up defence? I mean, the wall was said to be defended by spells in its building (such that Uncle Benjen said the dead couldn’t cross). The wall was built for this defensive line. Yet the army of the living appears to have chosen Winterfell to take a stand. This left the 700ft magic wall woefully undermanned and particularly with no dragons.

If there was any place to take a stand it was the wall – as was the intention of the builders who had direct knowledge of the last invasion of the dead. But no, out wise leaders of the living ignore the wisdom of their ancestors who survived theblast invasion and effectively give up the wall and wait at Winterfell.

Imagine the wall manned by the Unsullied, the back if the wall patrolled by Dothraki for any dead that got over. Two dragons sitting on the wall in position to strike a blow where necessary and would therefore have been able to defend against precisely what occurred (the dead dragon attacking the wall itself).

That would have been a stolid defense.

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