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Hello all,

I have enjoyed your podcast immensely for this season of Westworld. So many other reviews of the show leave me wondering if they were even paying attention or just using crib notes from HBO. You guys catch details I miss and help to unravel the Gordian knot that is Westworld. While listening to the deep dive podcast I had a thought about the post credit scene with MIB and Emily. While I can see Dolores putting William into a cyber space purgatory until the sun goes nova, I can’t see her testing for fidelity in order to complete his transition into the physical world. I remembered Dolores saying that she knew he was a monster and would need a monster to get to the Valley Beyond. What if, in the future, that Emily describes as “your world or what is left of it”, Dolores once more needs a monster to get past some problem that has blocked her plans. Dolores brings Bernard with her because he was able to change her mind about the Valley Beyond. He can only be ruthless in small doses and most of the deaths that can be laid at his feet are by proxy. She brought MIB along because Terminator Teddy couldn’t be the monster she tried to program him to be. She also set a trap for William that would catch him as soon as he tried to betray her. Perhaps sometime in the future there is a threat to the Hosts or even all of earth that Dolores believes only a true monster can defeat. I know I read either a scifi story or obscure myth where the characters had such a dilemma. The only person they knew would be able to defeat their enemy was an evil, psychotic general. So they resurrect him, hoping he would be their ultimate weapon. I do remember it did not end well. I have tried to google this story, but all I find are tropes and game theory. Apparently resurrecting generals is very common in the gaming world. Also, may I suggest the show Altered Carbon on Netflix as a show for review on your podcasts. Although that show also believes that if you are rich and basically immortal, you are going to be a psychopath. Thank you for all your time and effort.


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