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Tolle Lege- that was the motto of my Augustinian high school on Staten Island. It’s Latin for “take up and read.”

You were kind enough to read my email on the Telegraph yesterday and I want to compliment Ashley on her response. Not that I will ever agree with her on the French theorists- go to You Tube Noam Chomsky on French Intellectual Culture (8+ minutes). Or not.
But please do tolle lege the emails I exchanged with Big D that he half seemed to misremember and had him going off like a howling monkey. Also tolle lege the 2 iTune reviews I’ve written and the 20+ emails I’ve sent in the past year or so. Big D said I’ve been hiding. I guess in plain sight. Ashley, I’d love to read your dissertation. Tolle Lege, baby!

-Brian F.

PS The only country club I’ve been associated with is The Ranch CC halfway between Boulder and Denver. I was a bartender from ’75-’78. Caddyshack was not much of an exaggeration! We really had a waitress named BarbaraJo who preferred to be called BJ.

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    Please keep writing in! I love the challenges and information you are giving! 🙂

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