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Hey Guys,

None of my comments or ideas have made it into the Telegraph, but I like to think that is because my YouTube, Twitter, and email aliases are all different, and not that I’m a weak-minded simpleton. Instead of rehashing any comment I may have previously made, here is an observation and question, short and sweet:

In the last episode of Season 1, Maeve is about to take literally the LAST train out of Westworld. We learn in episode 9 of season 2 that she actually broke Ford’s programming because the abhorrent memory of “her daughter” triggered an unplanned response.

This implies Ford has already made plans for a host to break out. Felix handed Maeve a bag on the escalator down to the train. She boards, gets triggered, but leaves the bag behind. If she was programmed to escape, what kind of plans do you think Ford had in mind for her when she disembarked? Wouldn’t the “paperwork” in the handbag be meant for an outside collaborator?

Could just be a weak plot-hole, but since the season one finale, I have wondered – “Who was Maeve supposed to meet up with? Who does Ford know in the outside world that would be waiting for her on the mainland?” Season 2 didn’t answer that, so I guess it remains to be seen.

Bottom line – SOMEONE or SOMETHING was awaiting Maeve, and she did not show up. It would be extremely sloppy writing to not explain that there was already a previous attempt to get Maeve out of the park – something that was kind of a large plot point for season 2.

So…not as short and sweet as Big D would have liked, but surely this question has penetrated the minds of those who are paying attention.

Justin Griggs

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