Manhattan and autism

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I really want to thank you for your episode 8 deep dive pod of Watchman. This is my first time in the Watchmen world, and I’ve become addicted to learning more after listening to your pod. I’m reading the graphic novel for the first time and plan on watching the movie after that. Then I’m sure I’ll watch the series again, but with a deeper perspective.

This morning, while I was listening to Gene talk about Dr. Manhattan, I flashed to my 15-year-old son who is currently being evaluated for autism (he lent me his copy of Watchmen). I’ve struggled to understand him and what makes him tick, but as I listened to you discuss Dr. Manhattan, I got a deeper understanding and empathy for this amazing young man. I’m going to listen several more times because what you said really resonated with me and put things in perspective that have been difficult for me to nail down. No, I’m not saying my son is a blue god, I guess I’m suggesting that maybe Dr. Manhattan is on the autism spectrum. As I’m learning more and more about autism, I see a lot of the characteristics in the Blue Guy. I went down a Google wormhole and found several references to Damon Lindelof and autism. I wonder if he also saw similar characteristics and that inspired his interpretation of Dr. Manhattan.

Thank you for your thoughtful pod. You give me hope that others will understand and appreciate my son as he navigates this world.

Your’s in nerdom,

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