The Man in Black Has Me Suspicious

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Hey guys just wanted to send some kudos your way. I spent some time checking out Westworld podcasts over the last couple days trying to see who I would be spending the season with offline. I am an avid podcast listener with 10-14 in my current list at any given time. I want to say great job on the analysis. I don’t know how you guys ferretted out all of the detail that you do, but the deep detailed observations really added to my Ep2 experience.

So my plan going forward is to watch, listen to your analysis then rewatch. Thanks again I will be recommending this show.

A couple points on theories… I recognize I could be wrong on this but time will tell.

I think the statement by Ed Harris character of coming there for 30 years could be a ruse to throw us off the differing time tracks (ala Lost style). Do we ever see the man in black with any who are put in front of us as “real” guests? I think the answer is no. And I think the buried gun is the exact gun that the man in black used. So that would put him much earlier in the time stream. Anyway the focus on the man in black has me suspicious and thinking he is infact and android. Isn’t android the correct term since they are specifically mimicking humans?

Once again great show! – Gary

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