Maeve’s Violent Delights Have Violent Ends Too

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Hey guys, new listener this season from Denmark, I am in love with your podcast! Thanks for widening my perspective on my favorite show.

I noticed that Big D mentioned in the Deep Dive for “Kiksuya”, that we finally know how Maeve began her journey towards being conscious, since she had never heard the phrase – “These violent delights have violent ends”. BUT I must correct you here – in s01e02 somewhere in the eighth minute, Dolores and Maeve briefly meet in the middle of the street in Sweetwater, and Dolores says the infamous consciousness-kickstarting phrase directly to Maeve, and Maeve looks back confused. I always thought that this was the trigger for Maeve, but can you shed some light on the subject with our new knowledge from e08, and now with this correction? I believe that both Ake and Dolores have triggered Maeve in some balanced sense.

All the love from across the pond, Fiona

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