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Hey Guys,

I was just listening again to your podcast. You bring up Maeve and Sizemore and it made me think of the scene in s1 where Bernard gets repaired after shooting himself. He shows Maeve her narrative and tells her this is not the first time either of them has been awake. Have we seen any of their previous awakenings? What is the Westworld definition of being awake? I still wonder about that exchange.

The most intrguing exchange in s2e7 for me was the conversation between Maeve on the gurney and Delores. Delores makes some dire predictions about Maeve’s fate and that “the kin they gave us were just more rope to lash us down.” Yow! That is some insight! And did Sizemore overhear that conversation and will he facilitate Delores’s prediction or try to get Maeve back on her feet and not mess with her head nor allow others to do so. Will Felix come to her rescue or did he go down trying to help her at the ranch house?

And hey, great job drilling into the music selections. Just another subtle spice in the stew.

One more thing, Ford tells Bernard about Arnold’s house, that Arnold always created everything “here” first. Is “here” the physical Westworld (et al), or the virtual Westworld (en Cradle) where Bernard and he are talking and walking? Seemed like a throw away line that will echo in upcoming episodes.

That’s enough for now. Thanks.


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