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Hey, folks.

I want to adress two things, and I get it if you don’t air them on the podcast because some listeners have been complaining about the negativity.

The first is the Sansa line about the path she took leading to who she is now. I have some lady friends who got very upset with that, saying that it romanticized raping. I did not think about that at first but I do agree with them. Also, the whole Ramsay-Sansa arc served only to make Sansa have something extra personal in order to invest on Ramsay’s defeat, while showcasing how evil Ramsay was. Her greatest weapon now, which is her cunning, came from the Littlefinger internship (which by itself was pretty problematic and abusive). In my opinion, the Ramsay-Sansa arc did nothing for the plot. I know Kerri isn’t a host of On the Throne, but I’d like to her her opinion on the idea behind Sansa’s line to the Hound, if possible.

The second is more of a rant: the disservice the showrunners did to Missandei is borderline ridiculous. Not only Missandei, but, as Gene has pointed out, people of color in general in the show (Dothrakis wiped out, Unsullied decimated). The black character whose strenght arose from being liberated from her chains meets her demise with chains around her wrists, due to two white women. It’s lazy writing, with no regard at all for representativity. One can argue that her death in that way wasn’t even necessary to push Dany over the “burn them all” edge, after she lost her second “child” (in a scene that makes absolutely ZERO sense, by the way). I’m not saying that I expected Missandei to live happily ever after, she could’ve been killed during the destruction of the fleet, and Tyrion could’ve been the one captured (instead of miraculously surviving a mast to the head). But no, they took the easiest way out, putting chains around a black person and them offing with her head. (You can find better words describing the problem I have with this in this article

I could go on about the Rhaegal death scene, but I’ve already spent too much time on twitter regarding that, so I’ll stop here.

Keep up the awesome work. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the episodes have been, the podcast is always good; I might disagree with some of your takes, but you guys always deliver, and I cannot state my appreciation enough. Love you guys.

Thiago Waldhelm

PS: As a civilian, I appreciate SO BLOODY MUCH Big D’s takes on battle scenes, sieges, etc. Honestly, it’s one of the brightest things about the podcast. Just so you guys know that it’s not everyone that dislikes that. =)

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2 Responses

  1. Vikki says:

    I didn’t take it as Sana’a romanticizing the abuse. Just that without it she wouldn’t be the same person. And because of it she is stronger. For someone who has suffered like she has, should they wallow in it? Should they be the victim forever? You can’t change the past and wishing things had been different is not who Sana’a is anymore. That would be something the little bird she was would do. What I saw was someone who Instead has taken what happened to her and, while not forgetting, uses it to make herself smarter and stronger

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    I’m glad you brought this up. I wanted to address it in the Deep Dive, but the conversation never went that way, and I didn’t want to address it as a throwaway. Thanks for giving me a reason to examine the issue on the Small Council.

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