Is Luck a Religion For Laura Moon?

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sorry if nothing in here makes linear sense, work is hectic but i have questions!

After listening to the pod I have one question, that without spoiling any future plot would love to get your take on:

Is Laura a true non-believer nihilist? Or possibly, while thinking she believes in nothing, she really believed in luck, never realizing, luck is a “religion” or there is a “god” behind “luck”.

It just feels like “luck” has been something for Laura while she was alive. She was a Dealer in the Casino when she met Shadow, she mentioned luck a few times when she was telling Shadow her plan and how “fool proof” it was to rob the casino. How unlucky she was to be in the car blowing Robbie when she died. How unlucky her life was to be so bored and not give a shit about anything.

Then there’s the idea that Sweeney is still around in America. He hasn’t been forgotten. He hasn’t disappeared, because somehow someway someone is still believing in him (if you classify his “god” powers as luck that is). Could this mean that just sheer true deep down belief, (like the Egyptian/Muslim woman from episode 3 when she has not actively been worshiping the Egyptian gods of her past, but kept them in her heart [subconscious worshiping?] yet at the end of her life she meets the gods of her faith, not the one she had been practicing) without practicing the act of worship or without idols, maybe without even knowing what “God” you believe in makes them stay? I am reminded of something that was said on the show that it only takes one believer to keep a God alive, so is Laura the only reason why Sweeney is still around (obviously there are others that would believe in luck but in this world i mean, her belief is as important as Shadows?)

Also, if they weren’t trying to give us hints that Essie and Laura are somehow kin of some kind, then they really have no idea the clues they’ve left behind. Throughout this episode i was reminded of what Laura said to Shadow in episode 2 when they were in bed, talking about their beliefs and what happens after you die and she says that a long time ago when she was a child she once believed in the stories and the magic and the wonder of the world (paraphrasing again short on time here) but to me, when i saw Essie (being played by the same actress) i thought OHHHHHH ESSIE TOLD LAURA ABOUT THE LEPRECHAUN AND SHE NEVER BELIEVED IT WAS REAL BUT BELIEVED IN LUCK SO HE TRANSFERRED FROM GRANDMA TO GRANDDAUGHTER

So maybe it is luck that Laura believes in, maybe she thinks or wants to think that she believes or feels nothing but really shes just never understood that something as simple as luck is something you’ve given power to (can we see a parallel to Media or Technology, no one worships it, we give them power by believing it its power that only we gave [the idea that facebook would die if everyone just stopped using facebook mentality]) and by giving something power you give it life, therefore she gives Sweeney life by simply believing in the idea of luck?

at least i thought it. after listening to the pod i have no idea.

Other stuff im just throwing out there to see if you think they mean anything: Do you think it really bothered Sweeney that Wednesday made him kill Laura? because i look at it like this, the guy gets approached by Wednesday saying theres a war coming with the new gods suit up we’re going to fight, you’re a little bitch who bitched out of the last fight so youre coming this time and Sweeney says ok and becomes Wednesday’s right hand. Wednesday says you have to kill this chick Laura to start the chain of events that will eventually end with our side winning the great war. Sweeney says ok, does it, but somethings off. something doesnt feel right. then COINCIDENTALLY, when he meets shadow, thats the ONE TIME he gives away his lucky coin? by accident? (maybe subconsciously!!!!) and shadow HAPPENS to throw it on Lauras grave which it HAPPENS to allow her to tell Anubis (who was NOT expecting her, because it was NOT her time to go, it was fate that was forced by Wednesday) to fuck off bringing her BACK to life as the dead wife who then she just HAPPENS to run into Sweeney who realizes that giving away that coin was the WORST thing he could have done because his life has been SHIT since doing it so he thinks he wants it back but after he gets it back (by calling Easter to come help him get Wednesday’s plan back on track [again an assumption]) then he realizes that IT STILL FEELS WRONG that he fucked with fate (destiny is a better word i think) and so he gives the coin back to Laura and gives Wednesday the finger.

in other words, Wednesday, no matter how charming charismatic and good he is on screen, to me is the WORST thing imaginable because hes an asshole milking Shadow for her devotion or worship so he can become stronger to win a battle that MAYBE nobody would care if he looses because his brand of worship is sacrifice and it seems there are less Gods looking for sacrifice and more gods that are just looking to be remembered and prayed to (which you can argue is is sacrifice of time or energy but ya know it isn’t killing someone to prove your devotion).

Sorry gene i know you hate long emails and this is a long one and i rambled again im sorry just so much stuff not enough time to even edit my own thoughts! (and im not nearly as talented as Jezzbelle to organize them in any cool way) but hopefully i dont sound like a fool!

Thanks again for all you do!
(Big D I hope the baby is all better and back to her lil happy self!)

[no one misses roger though….kidding]


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