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I have written before, sparingly, on Westworld and Watchmen and I wanted to say I am sorry you were getting personally attacked. I very much enjoy these shows, they help me think more and understand the shows better. I don’t always agree with everything being said, however, I think both Gene and Ashley (and other hosts here) are smart and honest and approaching everything with a fun/fair attitude. I might have similar blind spots as I am a CIS white male but I don’t feel like anything is being done maliciously or deliberately if others disagree with things said here. I recall having to defend Kerri, the woman who previously appeared on this podcast as well. I don’t understand why some men like tearing down women. Have these people had exactly 0 positive relationships with women in their lives? Also, many lifetimes ago I worked in radio. I can tell you that any media, even in new media, you get many, many complaints and personal attacks. I always thought attacks were better than no interaction. If no one cares about you, you are a much bigger failure than someone being attacked. I used to hang complaints up in my office as proof I had people excited to listen 😀 Chris From Fargo.

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