Lovecraft Country S1 E8

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Hello Ashley and Gene,I’ll start be thanking you both, again, for this podcast and the opportunity to talk about this show. It’s obviously not just a horror series. Most shows of that genre don’t take the time to explore the aftermath of sudden, violent death. Unfortunately, while all the adults are processing their grief, Diane is left to fend for herself. Her father is dead, her mother is missing and her friend was brutally murdered. Being her mother’s daughter, she takes off to find answers using every child’s trusty steed, the bicycle. This part reminded me of Stephen King’s stories, a kid riding her bike fearlessly toward the monsters. The two apparitions, however reminded me of the Ring and Grudge with the contortionist body horror that is so unsettling to watch. If anyone hasn’t seen the original Japanese movies that these are based on, I highly recommend them. On top of everything else. Diane finds the Woody stashed in a field. Now she knows she is being lied to by pretty much every adult she thought she could trust. It’s one thing to suspect you are being lied to, quite another to have the proof sitting behind your home. I very much hope that this show will be able to stick the landing with the last two episodes. Take care.SusanState College

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