Lovecraft Country Episode 2 – Should I Stick with This Series?

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Hey guys!

Enjoy the pod. Jumped aboard during the Watchmen series, decided to stay on for Lovecraft Country. Shout out to my sister, Allie, who I’m sharing this series with. Wanted to send you some mail since I hope I’m not the only one feeling this way after episode two.

So help me out, what on earth is going on?!? I wouldn’t consider myself a TV critic by any means, but I feel the second episode had some major storytelling issues and gave me whiplash following a stellar pilot/first episode. I feel a bit lost.

There were a lot of new elements (the cult, magic, how the creatures work, etc) that were all barely explored. Not to mention the dream sequences our main characters experienced, what occurred with Tic with the portal to Paradise, and next week’s teaser shows us taking a 180 turn back away from “Lovecraft Country”.

The questions I’m left wondering are:
– Is it typical that Lovecraft storytelling leaves the reader with more questions than answers regarding the world? I have never read Lovecraft, so wondering is the show drawing inspiration from that?
– Did you guys feel this episode had storytelling and pacing issues? Critic’s reviews seemed mixed and it feels we rushed through what I assume is a large portion of the book two episodes in.
– Unfortunately, after episode two, I’m wondering if I should stick with this series. I know you guys have seen the first five episodes, should one stick with this series out and give them a pass this week?

Thanks for your time,
Portland, OR

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