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Hello Ashley, King Bee, and Gene,

A special thank you to Ashley for hosting the Twitch stream and channeling the voice of King Bee. I had to look up the Necronomicon because my memories of Lovecraft’s work are vague and murky. Lovecraft wrote a history, well pseudo-history, of the Necronomicon that was published after his death. He wrote that it was written by Abdul Alhazred from Yemen, who had travelled from Babylon to Memphis, Egypt gathering information about the Elder Gods in 700 CE. The book was translated from Arabic to Greek, banned, burned, re-discovered and generally made the rounds as an ancient tome of occult knowledge that gave great power and always ended badly for the reader. So in Lovecraft Country, the book Hanna is carrying from the burning mansion is in all likelihood the Book of Names. I also suspect she set the fire that burned down the building and killed all the members of the Order, well almost all. But what I find interesting is how her appearance in the portal to Eden may have caused the destruction of the mansion and acolytes. Was she also a practitioner? And like Christina, could never be part of the Order no matter how proficient she was? Had she booby trapped the portal knowing that her bloodline would be a surviving line of Braithwright and expendable for the ceremony? And one of her descendants could be used to access the portal? So many questions.

Also, I am very sad that George died. He was a fantastic character. I suspect that the mention of Tulsa while he is dancing with his dream first love is a clue to how he lost her and his children that she also mentions. And might also be the reason he started writing the safe travel guide.

Stay safe.

State College

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