Lovecraft Country Ep 1 Deep Dive.

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Hi there. First of all I love a podcast about shows with reviews I don’t always agree with. That being said, this is for King B (I think. I am still learning your voices from on this pod) You mentioned after the final listener letter that the show felt torn between focusing on racism and monsters (mystical creatures) but I’d argue that the show is about monsters. Everyday monsters like racism that hunt, maim, kill and infect others and mythical monsters that basically do the same. The shows focus is monsters. As a black woman I felt that so clearly from beginning to end. The same way the walking dead crew navigates Zombies As a part of their everyday is the same way I navigate racist towns, aggressive police etc. The monsters we know, we adjust to or find creative ways to fight, the monsters we don’t know take a terrifying learning curve. As in how they handled racist white people vs the “real monsters”. Love the pod. Keep the dialogue going.


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