Lord Varys Writing Scrolls to The Seven Kingdoms

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Hey Guys,

First off love the podcast. I hate I didn’t find it till season 8.

I haven’t heard anything from anyone about Lord Varys writing the scrolls that we have seen him writing. Is it possible that he could have been sending out ravens to the other Seven Kingdoms to let them know the truth about Jon? If he tries to overthrow Daenerys who is going to back him. There has to be someone to help. Thanks for the podcast

Corey C

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2 Responses

  1. Chey-Juan says:

    What about maybe the Iron Fleet? We haven’t heard from Yara and I don’t know how she’d respond to this new development (and Daeny committing genocide.) I don’t see her as a back-stabber or plotter but idk.

    • Gene Lyons says:

      I think Yara’s, Tormund’s, and Sam’s exits were meant to just remove them from the story. Sucks, but the character field had to be narrowed.

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