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Love your YouTube channel, I’ve been listening religiously since epi 4.

I have a few suggestions for tv shows that might be interesting for you to cover;

  • Sense8
  • Orphan black
  • Mr. Robot
  • Sherlock
  • Fargo
  • Taboo (you’ve mentioned that you might, and the plot sounds interesting )
  • Game of Thrones ( now that the show is ahead of the novel it would be interesting to hear your take on it and other people’s theories…it wouldn’t be cheesy ! )
  • Humans
  • Chance (Hugh Laurie)
  • Start up
  • Black Mirror

Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

To me, your show stands out, not only because you have a great relationship amongst each other and the banter is lighthearted. But you were able to focus on the facts and ask the youtube audience to do the same. This show intertwined science, coding, history, literature, psychology and stellar actors to draw the viewers in so we can ask ourselves what the deeper meaning is in the show ( just like William/MiB wants the amusement parks deeper meaning). Because of this, when you ask your youtube viewers questions and for their own theories, you are able to get responses from individuals that have backgrounds in those fields and have the real life “deeper meaning” explanations.

The way you curate the theories you feature and choose the most intelligent and interesting ones has helped make your show a success and the reason why your youtube channel was able to get such a spectacular response. So that is why you need to pick a show that is intelligent and able to keep audiences with a wide range of backgrounds stimulated, so that way they want to continue to contribute to the telegram and help cement any theories with real life deeper meanings and help those who are watching tv shows superficially become more involved and interested and hopefully tune into your show for more info!

I have faith that you will choose a great show, I hope my suggestions helped a little.

Thank you for helping me see the deeper meaning in the show!

All the best,


P.s. I’m sorry for the run on sentences and the rambling and not one concise paragraph, I’ve had a long day. I hope you were able to pick up what I was putting down

P.p.s. during one of your episodes you mentioned the show leftovers, it sounds fascinating. With your warnings under advisement, i plan on watching it in the summer, on Saturday morning’s, hopefully, when it’s sunny and the real world is bright and cheerful

P.p.p.s. did I mention I love listening to your show ?

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