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So you guys seem to take verbatim that Logan is dead because Old William told Daddy Delos he’d overdosed.

William only said overdosed, he didn’t say he’d died via overdose, there’s many people who overdose and live afterwards.

Not only that but we can’t take what William said as the truth just on the face of it. He may have just been saying what he knew would ‘crash’ Daddy Delos so he could go and take his final quest in Westworld.

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Deano Barka

P.S. Absolutely loved this week’s episode, and I thought it really rang true to what you guys were saying last week to a dissenter. Akecheta has been a recurring fringe character at best, but after this week, and should he be used more, could easily become a main character. Anyway, to the point you guys were making last week, William/Man in Black is most definitely a main character. Regardless of two of the main characters being strong feminist types (if you indeed believe they are), that does not mean that William, being a male, is not also a main character, there has been at least 1 episode this season that was entirely William based with no Maeve or Delores at all in the episode. He is integral in the past, present & future of the park, as you guys pointed out and his ‘narrative’ intertwines and shapes the others also. He’s definitely a main character. (Sorry that this bit was longer than the original email)

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