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Hey Guys,

Let’s Make a Deal:

I think MIB is a host. I mean this elderly gentleman has been shot 7 times this season and he is still moving around.

I think MIB accuses Emily of being a host because he has seen his daughter die in the bloody bath tub out in the real world.

So I think Ford has set a game up for the MIB where he has to choose the right door, just like a contestant has to pick the right door on the game show, “Let’s Make a Deal,” hence the name for the Season, the Door.

MIB is told he and Emily are hosts. Once he is told this the clock starts ticking because he will either degrade or he will go mad like James Delos. He can choose:

Door #1: MIB could commit suicide and end the game.

Door #2: MIB could live out his new life as a host with his daughter. The problem is that once he realizes he is a host he will eventually reach the cognitive plateau. He will begin to degrade or go insane. He could enter another cradle and survive there until the scientists perfect the hybrid transformation or live in the cradle forever.

Cradle Musings:

Remember Ford, via young Ford, said that everything here is code? Has more meaning now that we know Ford was in the cradle.

Dolores said to Teddy that she could see their future and it ends with Teddy and Dolores. This could be because she ran through many scenarios in the cradle and could see what the outcome of her plan will be.

Alice Wong

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