Lemat Revolver or Colt Single Action Army Model

Westworld Telegraph

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At about 6:23 you discuss the revolver Delores found, it is not the same as the dual purpose LeMat revolver Ed Harris uses, it appears to be a Colt Single Action Army model.

The LeMat revolver in your link is similar but not the model Ed Harris uses. Harris’s gun is probably a non-firing model made specially for the show (it fires blank rounds only because the shotshell tube is not affixed properly to the rear frame). The Colt SAA that Delores finds has spring loaded cartridge ejector tube below the barrel but it is not a second barrel capable of firing the larger shot shell type cartridge he loads in the show. Here’s a very good link showing a breakdown of the Lemat used in Westworld. – I. C. Spotz

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  1. Colt Single Action revolver any day of the week. Classic as it gets.

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