Laura Moon, Mad Sweeney and Salim Make a Great Trio

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Greetings fellas,

This was a good (not great) episode. I wasn’t crazy about the Jesus intro, but I got what they were doing. The crossing the border scene didn’t really make sense until we meet Vulcan. Back to him later.

The trio of Laura, Sweeney and Salim was great. Sweeney’s disdain vs Laura’s contempt gets balanced by Salim’s contentment with his situation. It seems like Sweeney is slowly getting Laura to come to grips with her situations and basically calls her out on the “Fuck those assholes” statement. Mad Sweeney steals every scene he’s in until…. Wednesday comes back on the scene!

The Wednesday/Vulcan scene was awesome! This gives the audience a hypothetical answer to what would have happened had Wednesday accepted Mr. World’s merger. The sword decapitation lets you know that Wednesday means business! Now, Shadow knows that Mr. W is not to be F’d with!

Nano-Nan-YOU-ninny! (Big D will get that 80’s reference)


Coach Markus

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