Lady Trieu scanned Angela’s memories

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I did a podcast search for the Watchmen last week and I happened upon yours. I’m trying to binge listen, but it’s hard for me to find time these days. This series is the first I’ve heard of Shat on TV. You guys are great. I look forward to listening to more outside of Watchmen. I don’t know how insightful my opinion is because I’m typing this up before listening to your episodes covering 108 of the Watchmen. I just wanted to chime in before it was too late.

There is always talk about why Dr. Manhattan can’t just blow away the bad guys or about if he respects humanity. I think I may know the answer. Dr. Manhattan reminds me of the genie in Aladdin. Sure he’s got all these powers, but he’s still a prisoner. Sure he can see everything simultaneously, but he’s still a prisoner….to time. To quote Lost, “What happened, happened.” For a ‘God’ that knows all, it also means that he has no free will. But if this is the case, Keene becoming Dr. Manhattan is not a threat because he’ll also be trapped by time, because “What happened, happened.” Any Dr. Manhattan can have personality, but they can’t change anything that’s happened. What’s worse is Keene will only be able to witness time from when he was born. Is that correct? Dr. Manhattan can’t really time travel, right? Dr. Manhattan is neither good or bad. He just ‘is’.

I don’t think Lady Trieu knew all along that Dr M was Cal. I assumed she learned it when she did a deep dive into Angela’s mind. She was extracting her memories. Did I miss some dialog where Lady Trieu said she always knew? I think Lady Trieu was searching for Dr M to retrieve Ozy and she’s using the 7th K to capture him. That’s why you see her equipment. The tradeoff was that they can keep Dr. M after he retrieves Ozy. She probably doesn’t care that they have him because she’s got some hidden devilish plot on the side, like Ozy did with the giant squid. A secret plot that has been happening before our eyes without us realizing. One that makes the Cyclops movement meaningless. Sadly I have no theories as to what. I just thought it’d be cool to see something similar to the giant squid plot to end this season.


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