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Hey Guys,

I know it seems unlikely but I do believe Kohana was placed in Sublime. Possibly by Ford after meeting Akecheta at the bear hunt. Otherwise she would have been one of Delores’/Wyatt’s masked hosts that were all recruited from cold storage. Given we never see any of their faces, really, she could have been one of those masked hosts. But after Ford finds out about Ake, I’m sure he does his research on his past. Ake even says his goal is finding “her” during analysis mode. So Ford knew Ake’s paradise would have to include Kohana. Maybe I’m reaching a lil. But it was nice to see a legit happy ending so perhaps I’m wanting this to be true. And they never showed or explained the dead bear in the control room. This, admittedly, is a nitpick. Would have been cool tho.

Bonnie NJ

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