What We Know About Blackmailing Westworld Guests

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Hi, guys! I’m listening to the instacast right now, and one of you (sorry, just started listening & can’t always tell your voices apart yet) just posited that we now know for sure that the park blackmails guests. Your reasoning was that the man in black said he was a good man in the real world but his wife “knew” who he was in the park.

I interpreted this differently. I dunno if I’d call it a trope, but it doesn’t feel unfamiliar to me that a man believes himself to be one thing and thus believes that is how others perceive him as well. Especially if he’s a “great” man, like the man in black, who has built himself up in the world — amassed great wealth and all its trappings, married and started a family, gained power (usually comes along with wealth) and gained name recognition. He’s also in charge of some well-known foundation that does great works. On paper, the man in black has everything that boys are taught to desire and work towards. He’s basically achieved alpha-male nirvana.

I think this would be enough to convince a man that they are conventionally good. Also, sociopathy can often be a factor with powerful men like this guy, which would make it even more surprising to him when his family revealed that they could see through him. And it would make sense that this revelation would stick with him because its associated with a great trauma, the unexpected death of his wife.

I’d have to go back and listen to the exact dialogue, but I don’t remember him saying anything that made me think of blackmail. However, please let me know if I’m wrong!

Love the show. You guys are funny as hell.

Maggie (Kansas City, Missouri)

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