Judd Crawford’s father theory

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Now wondering if the man in the picture is old enough to be the boy in the photograph’s grand father. We don’t know yet whether the man is the Klans man, but there’s also no knowing for sure that the boy in the picture is actually Judd.

Lets say the theory is correct, young Will Reeves didn’t see what the Klans man looked like because his father was protecting him by pressing Will’s face against his shoulder, so how would Will know who the Klans man was all those years later? There could be an investigative trail leading to the Klans man’s actions during the massacre of course but I also noticed Will’s father looking at the Klans man’s face and even stopped the mother from shooting him. A possible plot thread especially if either parent survived Black Wall Street.

Can’t wait for you immediate thoughts video and the follow-up pod.

Patrick Ina

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