Jon Is A Douche

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What’s up Shat Crew!
A lot of people are upset at the notion that Jon might be the last straw that caused Dany to flip out. I have seen people post “If Jon had just slept with her, she wouldn’t have burned Kings Landing”. I think it’s sad that the show wrote a scene that would cause people to come to that conclusion. But, setting that aside, there is something else Jon did (or didn’t do) that was much worse in my mind. In the span of a few weeks, Dany lost two of her best friends (Jorah and Missandei), one of her dragons, and quite possibly her claim to the iron throne. In the span of her leaving Jon and her seeing him again, she lost Missandei and Rhaegal. When Jon comes in and she is sitting by the fire, she is CLEARLY emotionally distraught. She doesn’t want assurance of his loyalty, she KNOWS he is loyal to her. She wants his affection, for him to hug her and provide that emotional support she desperately needs. I know that any time my wife is distraught, she doesn’t want me to tell her everything will be ok, or to give her advice, she just wants me to be there for her, to hug her, to listen to her scream and bitch, and eventually hold her while she cries it out. When Jon rejects her kiss, he isn’t rejecting her sexually, he is rejecting her emotionally, and THAT right there is a type of rejection a women will NEVER let you live down. It doesn’t matter if she is your Aunt. You say you love her, well fucking show it. Be there for her! When Jon betrayed Ygritte, she put 3 arrows into him. When Jon betrayed Dany, she burned King’s Landing. Jon…. Buddy. Whatever you’re doing, stop! Listen to your woman, be there for her, and help save the lives of thousands of people! Love the show!
Dan from Austin, Texas!

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