Jon Bent the Knee

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I’m wrong all the time, but I think Jon bent the knee in the Cave of Convenience.

Evidence A: As you mentioned in the deep dive, Dany uses the exact same line on Jon that Jon used on Mance Rayder. “Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?” Couple of more lines from Jon to Mance, “You’d rather burn than kneel…a great hero until Winter comes.” And, “I think you are making a terrible mistake.” Jon is facing the same argument while wearing the other shoe and he probably has Sansa’s recent advice about not making the same mistakes of other’s that are now dead.

Evidence B: During Dany’s vent of frustration at recent events with the Unsullied, Davos says that they will want to “discuss amongst yourselves” as if Jon and Davos are not a part of the group. Dany commands Jon and Davos with “You will stay.” Jon actually looks away towards the ocean before looking at Davos. Then she immediately asks for Jon’s advice.

Evidence C: Later as they approach Missandei, she calls him “Lord Snow” and Davos sputters about King Snow or King Jon and Jon replies, “It doesn’t matter.”

Evidence D: Davos asks Jon, “Will you forgive me if I switch sides?” How hard did Jon have to bite his tongue to not reply with, “You already have,”?

The reveal is still yet to come, but tiny bits of circumstantial evidence is there.

Thanks Guys!!
Stacey in Indiana

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2 Responses

  1. While I like your argumentation, Stacey, I don’t think Jon bent the knee. What he said rings true, the North wouldn’t follow him blindly. I do believe, though, that what Dany said can be used to his advantage. IF she fights for the North and its people, THEN Jon might bend the knee, and the North would follow. But the first step must be taken by Dany, not Jon.

  2. I not understanding why there would be a debate about Jammie being alive or dead.
    The writers of the program would have had his demise with flames from dragon breath.
    But by having him knocked off his horse and into the river that’s just normal television writing.

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