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Shat crew,

Dr. J here from Austin!

I cannot tell you how you made my day. It was last Friday, May 1, I was listening to the Telegraph and was thrilled to hear my voicemail played. The discussion that followed, however, was even better.

Big D friggin nailed it. I was standing in my back yard, digging up the grass where this new patio now exists. This is a fire pit and grilling patio for sure, and that is what Big D predicted.

So, in your honor, I’ve dubbed this the Shatio!

And when you come to Texas, please get your asses to Austin and I’ll be your host for fire, grilled food, libations, games, and conversation that I’m sure will be worth remembering.

We gotta make this happen!

Thanks for playing my voicemail, thanks for everything you do. I love your podcast, and all of you for doing it.

The Shatio awaits ????

Jonathan Shultz, D.C.

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