Is Stubbs a setup?

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Hey guys

I was thinking what if Stubbs is a setup? Think about it The Delos Corp with use all avenues to catch Dolores even it means teaming up with Bernard. I mean it was too damn convenient for Bernard to find a host Stubbs down in the lab and I’m not buying it. Not to mention host Stubbs took down his security guys with ease. Hell the last three guys ran away. Delos will do anything to get their property back. I know Stubbs said at end of season 2 that Ford task him with saving the host and yes I know host Hale is running some of the show with Dolores but they could have a plan as well.

We also know that Serac is now hunting Dolores down using Maeve. Serac could be using all avenues to ensure that Dolores is caught. Bernard teaming up with Stubbs and heading back to the real world and Maeve in the mix will help Serac capture Dolores.

Tony from the Bronx

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    Things did seem a little too convenient that Bernard found him, that they were able to get away, etc. You may be on to something here.

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