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Hello Gentlemen,

Thank you for keeping the podcast interesting and funny. This week’s podcast covered most of my thoughts on Laura, Sweeny, and Shadow, so I will only hit on minor thoughts.

I don’t think in the intro it was about god warfare, but basically that of its transmission through humans. Their priest died as they entered the new territory, and at the time the immigrants were faced with an opportunity to assimilate or die, they chose to keep their beliefs and were massacred, taking the more malleable ones in society, and assimilates them into their culture and god. It’s the same as Christian missionaries spreading the gospel all over the world. They come into contact with a spiritual system passed on through oral history, and starts preaching from their scrolls and currently books of their god. Our god is better, we have it on paper, we have pictures in that, the spiritual system started to lose market share to the Judeo Christian god, and as time passes as the old system is forgotten, they die.


An herald from old times, one which been with us since print, since radio, black and white television, old style journalism and current news, that is all her power. I found Gillian Anderson’s costumes becoming more off putting. From using Lucy, then to David Bowie, then finally to Marilyn Monroe truthfully you had me at Lucy but the different displays is rather unnerving I am simply waiting for her to adopt a simple power suit and keep it moving. Anyway, I think Mr. Wednesday stated it best about her power as he and Shadow was going to escape. They can make the information form anyway that they want to. She could make the information disappear, or can place it on some unsuspecting person, or even on Shadow himself. As Media stated, she can give Shadow whatever he wants, she can make him a hero, a pariah, and she controls how your information is displayed to the unwashed masses.


As he said, he is basically the god of evolutionary technology, the constant advancement of technology. It’s why he is the herald of the new and does not really care for Mr. Wednesday, the old god. Even through Media’s coaxing, he is reluctant to do it. To him, they are all analog, while he is digital. His whole mindset is that he is not needed and should be devoured such as old technology. He is basically how kids which were used to having an Iphone would look at the age old brick phones, its rather insulting. He even starts to question Mr. World about this even with his advisement that the god in front of him is extremely old, all TechnicalBoy wanted to do was destroy him, consume him.

Mr. World

So the scene which the camera followed Shadow and Mr. Wednesday makes sense. Most cameras are remote, so the information is transmitted over the web. The cameras in the ATM, the satellite image or was it CCTV footage are all remote cameras which he could access. Even Mr. World transmitted a fax to the police in order to have them picked up. The thing with the advertisement of salsa, was that worship to Mr. World is worship to him, whether it goes to TechnicalBoy or Media or even Mr. Wednesday, to him regardless of how worship is gained, he is still getting the brunt of it. Mr. World only claims worship in systems which allows him in, which makes sense that having no access to North Korea’s networks makes them a prime target. Since he can’t have that market.

Mr. Wednesday / Odin

The process which the show currently introduced in which the gods in America live, is that 1) Current worship or remembered, and 2) Sacrifices made to them. In the case of Mr. Wednesday, the gallows god. The World tree started to grow in the police office to claim the dead cops and the cops which were entering the police station and most likely died, they were current sacrifices or nourishment to Mr. Wednesday. The offer which Mr. World offered him was the missile which bears his name and will direct the missile to hit North Korea, claiming millions of lives so basically millions would be sacrificed in Odin’s name, the Gallow’s god. This is the strange thing, he turned down millions of sacrifices for his current plight of being a simple trickster. As shown in the last few episodes, the ravens are in the vicinity. They were knocking on Mr. Wednesday’s chamber door, but did not say nevermore’. Instead the raven shows up and conveys a message to his boss and off goes Mr. Wednesday go to Shadow’s room, who actually smells the corpse currently known as Laura. Now at this point, it is unknown if the bird told him about Laura or even the cops, but it had information, and with that info Mr. Wednesday was trying to coax Shadow away from the situation.

My question is: What game is Odin running which would allow him to bypass that many sacrifices?

Thanks again

American Golem

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