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Hey Guys,

I think you may have misunderstood the scene in the forge when the AI Logan is walking them through the halls of the entire forge, when they leave the Jim Delos section, on the journey to the library, where we see all those Maeve scenes in there, in each little room. I think we’re meant to take from that the the system AI ran simulations on awakening Maeve for Ford, on what would happen if he gave her everything at once, or just a little, how all that would play out. He ran simulations on what to do with Maeve after she had her violent awakening from MIB killing her daughter.

There are scenes in those rooms, inside the forge, that are just Felix,Sylvester and Maeve, so these aren’t Bernard or Dolores’ memories, and the forge doesn’t have access to any other host minds. I think Ford has been dealing with the system AI through Bernard for years, and he can run simulations on any action he might take, and predict things like Dolores shooting him on the night of the gala if he does X,Y and Z.

That’s also the reason the access points are there that allow Bernard and Dolores to access the system, because Ford built them there. Unlike in the secret labs throughout the park, there are no human employees in the forge. It’s only drone hosts, and we learn from the conversation between MIB and Ford on the night of Juliet’s suicide that MIB hasn’t really been keeping a close eye on the forge, only on the version of James Delos it spits out from time to time. Perhaps no human ever goes down there, only Bernard as Ford’s proxy over the years.

-John G.

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