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Sorry I couldn’t ride along on the Watchmen podcast. The wife and I saw the 1st episode, and while I liked it, she was “less than enthused”, so….concessions had to be made.

Anyway, I really hope you’ll be covering Westworld again this season. That’s where I stumbled across your show 2 years ago.

I just wanted to send a quick letter informing you about something I found last week. We all know that the creators weave a web of clues both before and during the season. This year, the Incite website they created was a major spot for promos and traffic. That’s where the rabbit hole starts…

One night when I was tired, I accidentally typed the URL ” insight” instead of “incite”. It took me 10 minutes to figure it out because Insight is an actual company with a legit business (real world). Care to guess what that business is?

Artificial intelligence.

Specifically, it’s forward-thinking AI designed to help you make choices based upon your company, the economy, needs, etc. Sound familiar?

Yeah…Incite (fake, Westworld) and Insight (real, run by Oracle) have the same business model.

It gets deeper.

If you scan through their webpages, sometimes the spellings are even swapped. As in…the real Insight spells it like Westworld and vice versa.

Creepy as hell, right? I thought so.

Perhaps its a mistake, but probably not.

Here’s a little theory about the plot of season 3 based on that info: Incite isn’t 100% bad. The rationale: there’s no way HBO could get away with naming their fake show-only company Incite and having it become some huge evil conglomerate bent on world domination, knowing there is a real-world company (who do the same type of forward-thinking AI voodoo). That company would be Bankrupt after a season (real-life bankrupt). That’s like starting a league called the En-Eff-ELL and that company running ads about how its employees constantly have their heads crunched, causing brain damage. In real-world terms-it’s asking for litigation.

I’m sending screenshots I snapped of the pages so you can check them out (just a few). See what you think and let me know.

I can’t wait for episode one.

Derek English

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    We loved this detective work you did! I agree. No way they could get away with doing something this on the nose, if the company in the show was pure evil. It would be like calling it Doodle, rather than Google… Well done. Please, please keep writing in this season!

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