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Hey guys,
Long time no email. Super excited here at the beginning of WestWorld S3. I’m following the pod, as usual, albeit a bit behind. I’m an industrial engineering inspector so, luckily, my work has kept me busy with 13 hr night shifts; keeping up has been challenging. I’m digging the coverage so far.

I’m also digging Ashley. I gave you all grief when I first came on board back back in WestWorld S1 when you’d read her emails every week. While I still think mixing it up is good for business, I’m happy to hear her on the show. I came around to her when our Watchmen opinions aligned. Ashley, I listened to your and Tom’s pod and thought it was awesome. Open, honest and never once presumptuous. I took a lot away from it.

I’ll be listening.
Matt from Alabama – Roll Tide

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I am so glad our opinions aligned on Watchmen and that you are with us for Wetworld!!

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