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Hey Guys,

Yes. We see Bernard talking to his son Charlie in Season 1. This is Bernard’s cornerstone memory. Bernard realizes this and stops the memory, altering it, like lucid dreaming. That allows Bernard to go back to his very first memory, verifying that Ford created Bernard, not Arnold.

But, we never see Arnold talking to Charlie. I believe Ford gave Bernard, what he thought was Arnold’s “actual cornerstone.” Because, Arnold’s son Charlie dies as well. This is why Arnold was willing to commit suicide. His son succumbed to his illness and it ripped he and his wife apart.

-Wes D
Richmond, VA

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2 Responses

  1. pongplpf says:

    Perhaps. But, I feel we have more information validating the possibility of Arnold being a human. Such as, Ford asking Dolores if she remembered, “Arnold, the person that created,” her.

  2. Gene Lyons says:

    If we never see Arnold talking to Charlie, is it more fuel for the “Arnold never was a human” theory?

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