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Hey Shat On Crew—

I’m a new listener and I’m really enjoying the podcast. I also liked American Gods so I’ll go listen to those lol. As a Queer Black Woman, it’s difficult for me to find podcasts about nerd culture with white men that I enjoy. Quite often white men hosts are not “woke” enough and remind me of my Ole Miss days so I don’t continue to listen, or they’re too “woke” and are annoyingly so and I still have to turn it off. Yall are good balance in that you’re honest about some of the themes of Watchmen that are disturbing about white male culture, but also don’t overstep in trying to analyze from a Black perspective. I’ve really enjoyed how yall address your interpretation of the show without trying to do too much because, well, being Black isn’t something you know about.

I heard one of the Black writers of the show talk about the theme of generational trauma amongst Black people as the center of Episode 6. That was amazing because as a psychotherapist that specializes in race based trauma, that is all I have been getting from the show from the beginning. My wife and I held our breath nearly the entire scene where Will is almost lynched, and then watched as his origin story played out. Never have I seen a Black, Queer, flawed man who is a survivor of PTSD fighting (and winning!) against white supremacy on TV. While this is just a show for many of your listeners, for the most marginalized amongst us it is more than that. Hearing yall break down the episode and add the comic book elements and commentary to it is a highlight I look forward to every week.

That’s why I was annoyed with the on-air letter you read about the person complaining about the Instacast. If I, a gay ass Black woman that has literally built my entire career around NOT centering white men in anything, can wait a few hours or days for FREE PODCAST DURING HOLIDAY SEASON, that other white man can too. Thank you guys for the work.

P.S. I deduced the writer was a white man because ONLY another white man would call out white men about something free not being made available to him immediately. P.P.S. The mental health themes of the show are so much “fun”: PTSD in Will, Angela, Wade, Topher, and even Cal; ODD possibly in Topher; NPD in Judd & Veidt; Social Anxiety in Wade as well. —
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