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Hey Guys,

I thought you guys might be interested in the Ian McEwan short story entitled Düssel that was recently published in the July 19th issue of NY Review of Books. The story is set in a future where androids have been fully integrated into society and have essentially taken over as the principal high achievers. In this society it is now “politically incorrect” to ask if one is an android. As such, the protagonist – while in the midst of an enjoyable sexual encounter – is struck with a desire to ask if his lover is indeed real but worries whether by doing so it will ruin everything.

I thought this story fit well with the recent podcast discussion about the consequences of hosts in the real world and whether we should be rooting for or against humanity.

BTW, I recently discovered the Westworld and Shat the Movie podcasts and now they are among my favorite listens. Keep up the great work.

M. Casey from Chicago

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