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Hi folks —

Based on a Youtube comment from “Ragtime Rendezvous,” who pointed out that “Dr. Green” being the name of the real or cyber doctor overseeing Caleb’s reprogramming could be a reference to a certain Dr. Green involved with “Operation Paperclip.” This triggered something I’d seen years ago… apparently the Doc’s name was actually Greenbaum and was involved in some kind of psych conditioning referred to as the “green bomb” — perhaps mind control experiments designed to create controllable assassins, Manchurian candidate style. One quick google search later reveals this: https://www.empty-memories.nl/science/greenbaum.pdf — apparently within the study of Multiple Personality Disorders (HELLO) there is a whole concept around the ethically dubious (ahem) psych experiments done by docs swept up in Operation Paperclip. Just a cursory scan comes up with reports from several patients (independent of one another, working with different therapists) of experiencing something like internal mechanical processes, as though they were… ROBOTS.

Only had time for a quick skim of the “Greenbaum speech” linked below, but there are some very strong coincidences or resonances….

Click to access greenbaum.pdf

Thanks as always for all you do!

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