I Don’t Want To Hear Your Shallow Military Expertise

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Hey Guys,

I was really looking forward to listening to your podcast and discussing all of the great moments and visual masterpiece we just witnessed that’s never been performed in the history of television. We just witnessed a culmination of 8 seasons of White Walker threat to humanity totally destroyed and what does your podcast talk about.

Your military expertise……..as a Sergeant……..really??? Are you really trying to put your Amy dig latrines foxholes experience to a writing staff who took years to put this together. How much hubris are you capable off. I don’t want to hear your shallow military expertise. I want to hear about “The Game of Thrones” and for you to take the first podcast and decimate the story line so you can talk about your military knowledge is asinine. My nephew who actually graduated from West Point said what they accomplished and the logistics in that short amount of time was nothing short of phenomenal. He also said the tactics used by both is supported and used by Ancient Generals by Alexander they Great.

I can’t believe after the greatest exhibition of visual masterpiece you took a entire podcast to destroy it with your military knowledge. We want to celebrate the episode not hear what you what do differently. I guess this is the high’s and low of podcasting because if you had a managing producer they would ha e prevented this huge mistake.

Read John’s follow up email here.

John Funderburk

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