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SO great to have you back. I could gush further but I’ll spare us all. Quick point today- how can we still be arguing whether or not the hosts have exhibited at least isolated moments of free will? Didn’t Ford tell Maeve (and us) in no uncertain terms (in S2E9 I think?) that he had at least expected her and possibly even programmed her to leave the park at the end of S1? She decided to stay and find her “daughter” and Ford even told her that she had surprised him by doing so.

It was as moving and seemingly genuine a scene as we’ve had with Ford so I see no reason to go down the rabbit hole of wondering if he was telling her the truth. Wherever one lies on the debate of free will among humans in the show, is this not definitive in evidencing the potential for free will on the part of the hosts?

Thanks for everything-you guys are a vital salve in this period of oppressive round-the-clock corona news push notifications and real-world death counts…


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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I agree. Maeve has surprised Ford, but did she surprise Arnold who originally wanted them gone?

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