Hooded Justice Assbang

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Hey guys,

Glad you’re doing this podcast I listens along the way for game of thrones.

Can I just start with this show is amazing.

The music in this episode was amazing, the attention to detail was spot on. I love that they are following the book’s styling with the lead in images from one scene to the next.

Looking glass is my favorite new character and this episode was all about him. I can’t help but wonder if he’s actually sided with the 7K, they made it seem so with his apparent backstabbing of sister night, but that last scene kept the door wide open. He throws away the EDS package then promptly retrieves it? Then the cliffhanger the 7K van pulls up and seemingly ready to kick some ass. This show is amazing I don’t know how you guys are gonna unpack all that happened this episode.

I haven’t even touched on what memories will sister night see from old man reave’s nostalgia pills. (Side note: Which could explain how Lady Trieu’s “daughter” is having those dreams). Is Reave’s indeed hooded justice??? Speaking of, wtf was up with the hooded justice ass bang of Mr Metropolis???

Lastly Ozzy is apparently on a moon of mars, and the games keepers seems to be a mustached Mr. Phillips if I saw that correctly. So many questions with only a few episodes left. Keep up the great job.


Ps no surprise that senator Keane is 7K. Curious what they’re planning with the transportation device.

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