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I think I have tied the tinfoil on so tightly that I am losing circulation, but here is a fun theory.

HBO’s show ‘Flight of the Conchords’ predicts the battle between human and robots in the song ‘The Humans Are Dead’. Listen to the lyrics and you will see that the song tells that the host will kill humans by poisoning them because they realize the most efficient means to ending the human oppression is to kill the humans.

Now, stay with me, but there are two voices in the song of different hosts, I mean robots. The two voices are fighting each other in very much the same way, dare I say it, a bicameral minds has a back in forth. There is a strong voice, like Dolores, demanding the murder of the humans for past sins. Then there is a reasonable voice, like Teddy or Bernard, pointing out the issues and the hypocrisy of killing everyone.

Call me crazy, but have we found the answer to what is going on? Did HBO create an elaborate plot for WestWorld just to lead us to rewatch the ‘Flight of the Conchords?’ What is the Park is near New Zealand?!?! Boom!

Give the song a listen and imagine our hosts having this conversation after the humans’ existence is snuffed away. It is a fun little aside to some of our other serious theories.

This doesn’t look like anything to me…

Nick B

PS- Rog, don’t go violating copyright laws by playing the song, even though HBO would likely thank you for pointing people towards another HBO property! Ha!

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