GOT’s Only Empowered Woman Left

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Hi guys,

This episode had decidedly mixed reviews but what I couldn’t help but notice was the clear theme of female disempowerment in this episode. We have Dany getting increasingly isolated and questioned both publicly and privately. Is her sanity intact? There is Brienne of Tarth, a formerly celibate warrior and badass who surrenders this status in a blubbering mess to Jaime Lannister. Sansa, who is overruled by Jon – losing the northern troops and her guest Jaime. And who could forget Missandei – lost at sea and then executed submissively.

The Last Of The Starks and the only remaining empowered woman is Arya the slayer of the night king and hero of the north. I couldn’t help but notice parallels to WW2 and the opportunities women had to step up when things were bad but how quickly the power was taken away when the primary conflict was over. Will GOT keep the ladies down or will someone rise up against custom and history?

Thanks and love the pod.
Daniel, Sydney, Australia

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Episode 4 certainly stripped key women of their power (and life), but that might just be a result of Team Stargaryen mostly being led by women. Dany still has tremendous military capability. Sansa still commands tremendous respect. Ary’s still terrifically lethal. And Cersei rules the Seven Kingdoms.

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