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Hi Shat Hosts!

I have a theory thats been bugging me all season, and it’s about the Second Sons.

So as we know the Second Sons is led be Daario Naharis, which at the time Dany was in Essos, was her former lover. We also know the Second Sons were left behind when Dany sailed to Westeros because of 2 reasons:

1) To keep the peace in Slaver’s Bay while she is gone.

2) From the advice of Tyrion, the royalty of Westeros will not look kindly to a queen who keeps a paramour especially if she is to marry a highborn lord and form a marriage alliance.

So it made sense to leave him and the Second Sons behind. What else do we know about Daario Naharis? Well according to Daario himself, he is “The simplest man you’ll ever meet. I only do what I want to do.” So we know Daario loves Dany, and will do whatever he wants to do, and that he wanted to go to Westeros with Dany originally. I think it makes sense that he’d be willing to sail to Westeros to save/assist Dany in taking her spot on the throne.

How does Daario know whats happening on a completely different continent?

I think Melisandre would have told them. We know she was at Dragonstone, and left right when Jon Snow showed up. Right before she left, she had a conversation with Varys and she talked about how they were both going to die in Westeros, but first she was headed to Volantis. Now where is Volantis? You guessed it. ESSOS. It is very plausible that she left to go tell Daario Naharis what was going on, and to visit the Red Temple. We know there are red priestesses in both Westeros and Essos, so it would be easy for Melisandre to either get the word out about Dany, or to hear whats happening all around the world.

This would also lead into Melisandre calling upon other red priestesses to help the lord of light, who she thinks is either Jon or Dany. Remember, when Tyrion was on his way to Dany before Jorah captured him, the red priestess in Essos was claiming Dany to be the Lord of Light. Volantis is also home of the largest Red Temple in the Thrones Universe. The temple is also guarded by The Fiery Hand, which is an army of 1,000 slave soldiers dedicated to serving the lord of light. I think it would be plausible with the new jet packing in Westeros for both armies to head to Westeros to serve both their Queen/Lord of Light.

What was Euron staring at in the trailer that made him look surprised? We know its not dragons, he’s already seen and killed one of those. Maybe its a fleet of ships carrying the Second Sons and the Fiery Hand? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

Huge fan of your show, let me know what you think.


Joshua from Chicago

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