GOT “The Bells”

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Hey Guys,

Long time caller, first-time listener, I want to say that Dick’s description of having sex with Euron was fantastic.

I think Gene hit it on the head with Rheagal being injured and tired when he got hit by the scorpion. Each consecutive hit just made him easier to hit as it decreased his ability to dodge, and at that point, they’ve found the range to hit him. Add in that now Dany knows about scorpion 2.0, she comes up with a way to attack them by dive bombing the ships with the sun at her back at full speed. As she continues to scorch the ships and scorpions, the enemy’s fear of Drogon is growing, possibly making them even sloppier in their defense. Reduced load times, poor aiming, etc. I think they did a fantastic job of showing this fear with the Golden Company as they are standing there just hearing all these explosions behind them, not knowing what’s going on until the wall explodes behind them.

I think the choice to burn it all down could come back to hurt Dany in the long run, but I’m not entirely sure she’s gone fully mad just yet. I think she just finally realized that she’ll never rule unless she burns it all down now that she’s lost, everyone. My roommate asked why they were just killing everyone, and I said well, it’s fitting for the Dothraki to do that because that’s their MO. They kill, rape, pillage, and enslave. This is exactly what they do in this situation. I’m interested to see where it goes from here, and overall I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the gore was phenomenal. Keep up the good work guys.

Chris Larson

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