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Dear Gene and Big D,

I apologize beforehand for the long post, but I promise it is interesting if you end up reading it on the small council, you can skip over some least interesting parts. First of all my thanks to you for this season, I can’t even imagine how I’ll be working out at the gym without your flaming discussions in my ears; I’d be literally pulling off 120 mins of cardio sometimes just to finish the episode. Be proud.

Here are my character speculations, and some interesting facts along with it, hope you enjoy it.


Transitioned from being a mother to being a leader, and it seems as of now that she might be back to her old ways.

After losing her children, she looked fearless but sensible, she wanted to rule, to make alliances, to deal with the financial situation and to “reestablish control all over this continent, and everyone on it.” Although this phrase sounded quite intimidating back during the “Spoils of War” episode, it belonged to a true leader, yes an authoritarian leader, but still a leader. And by a leader, I mean someone who serves the interests of the country, someone who understands the economics of the country, things like for people to work they need to eat, have jobs and feel safe at least on a very basic level, etc. At one point I even had a terrifying idea invading my mind, I thought that she could realistically, potentially be a better leader among all of those that currently exist in the realm. But she got pregnant, and, our President would have loved it, all of the sudden started being irrational, irritable, rude and even delusional. She once told Sansa, that people do stupidest things for those whom they love, while advising her to love no one but her children, since on that front a mother has no choice. She is definitely living up to that notion, once again, only now she has no more people to back her and her family up, if she screws up again, she is alone with the “Frankenstein” and his beast by her side.


To be honest he made me worried, what if his allegiances have changed in that room, or never changed at all. What if in his sick way he wants to prove something to Cersei, that he is worthy of the Lannister last name, or that he has outsmarted them all, what if? Plenty of real world examples show that the need to prove something to get back at those who didn’t approve of you or didn’t believe in you, make some very intelligent people do the most horrible things. Take Hitler for example, and some speculate that if he, in fact, was taken seriously with his art, and accepted by the artist community, he wouldn’t have become Hitler we know after all.

We didn’t see how Tyrion managed to persuade Cersei and when the audience is being deceived that way, on Game of Thrones it usually means that something is up. Something that D & D want us to find out when we least expect it, I guess for us to perceive the feelings of the targeted character better. Like with the Little finger, Sansa and Arya, it wouldn’t have given us such a thrill if we knew things all along. We needed to see it through his eyes, the flashbacks, however, would have been highly appreciated, according to some, but it’s not a soap opera after all, and we don’t explain to our enemies in front of everyone how we plotted against them, thank god for that.

So, can it be that Cersei promised him something that he always wanted? Can it be, that she has something against him? Can it be that Tyrion, despite his sense and understanding of the reality still has a soft spot for a family? He once said to Jamie, that the fact that Jamie has doubts about Tyrion’s allegiances wounds him, and that he should know how much affection and love he has for his family. Alright, yes, it is too far of a stretch, on this show we know that people change, grow up etc. like in real life, but still, this look on his face gives me creeps.

Talking about the heir to the iron throne, I wonder who did he have in mind? Attacking Castly Rock, even though, I am pretty sure that he should have known that the primary Lannister forces are no longer there, they are at war for the crown, of course, they are in Kings Landing, silly. The Myriad of his dumb ideas this season, including the one with going beyond the wall to get the white, to show it to Cersei. That is just sooo not Tyrion, or was he trying to get rid of Jon so he can sit by the fire with Dany, drink wine and cunningly screen Dany’s feeling towards Jon? Its either he hasn’t been around his sister for a long enough time and forgot what she’s really like, or he’s gone soft and naive, because to assume that Cersei, would, in fact, drop everything and run north to save the world, that is just too dumb, for Tyrion at least, because he knows Cersei pretty much his whole life. Or, he is plotting something, may be he is plotting something on our side, but he is/was up to something.

I remember there was a theory that what if the Littlefinger is a Severus Snape of Game of Thrones. That would be too good to be true, and I mean, its Game of Thrones we are talking about, we just had an incest happened in front of our eyes, with the child-narrator explaining their blood relationships to us, and we ship it, we sail it, we fly it. Could it be that talking in familiar terms, Tyrion is an antithesis of Severus Snape? Our favorite character since season 1, with the least number of absent episodes of the entire series, 6 out of 67 isn’t it at least a bit weird though, that he is the only character that was almost in every episode, except the few, that’s a lot of screen time, why? Yes on “game of thrones” people change, grow up etc. but what if they also downshift? What if we grew to love Tyrion over the course of the past 7 years, just so he can break our hearts in the end. I dont know, G. R. R. Martin said on the interview, that before all, “the song of ice and fire” is about the quests for power, individual, unique but still for power. So I am curious now, will there be a moral in the end, will the classic hero bring the evils of the world its demise.

Lastly, I wanted to touch upon the Targs and their inherent affinity to each other, about Jon and Dany’s love and public’s longing for it, and now public’s grossing out about it, which is probably due to Bran’s perverted narration, ugh=).

Over the course of 7 years, we have been primed as an audience that it is a regular practice for Targaryens to inbreed. Agon Targaryen had two sister wives! Aryes the “Mad King” had his sister as his wife which makes Dany herself a product of incest and the more direct one. We’ve been told over and over, in the books and the show, that Targaryens tried to preserve their Valiryen blood, to maintain their connection with the Dragons.

Yes, as many have noted, when Jon finds out, he will probably freak out and it will most likely be hard for him to proceed with it. But Jon probably will not even feel like a Targaryen, he is a Stark, like Theon is a Stark. I believe, that the fact that Jon emphasized that Theon is as much a Stark as he is Greyjoy, is a way to prepare the audience and to soften our categorical incest thinking.

Even from the normal human perspective, it should be much harder for him to wed Sansa, for instance, rather than Dany. We form our family bonds mostly through the initial knowledge of being related to someone and through the bonds that we form growing up with one another. We do not have the genetic moral compass or a predisposition for not being attracted to own blood.

After all, from the genetics perspective, the only real implication for having an alliance with the close blood relative is that the unwanted genetic material, if such exists, like diseases, physical characteristics, mental disorders, etc. have a higher likelihood of being manifested. The real world example – hemophilia, also known as a “royal disease,” a genetic disorder that due to inbreeding persisted in European royal family and made Rasputin famous, however, it is important to understand that incestual relationship did not cause it, just made it more likely to be manifested.

Incest is still wrong though, just to clarify, it is unnatural and gross, but so were/are many other things, seriously…

Enough now…

Thanks again to you two, I wish you all the best, both of you!

ZARINA from San Francisco, CA

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