GOT S8e5 She Went Full Targaryen You Never Go Full Targaryen

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I haven’t laughed this hard in quite a while. They went for ‘EPIC’ and gave us cheesy instead.

That epic fall of the unMountain and the Hound? You could set that to Celine Dion singing the Titanic theme. When Sandor starts laughing at the absurdity of trying to kill someone who is already dead – that should be the clue for the audience. The fight was choreographed like a wrestling match with the unMountain not selling any of the Hound’s moves.

But here’s the problem. What can you do in a fight when the stakes are uneven because one of the fighters is already dead? They could have gone down the Monty Python Black Knight route and they have done nods to Python before. That would have been too silly even for D&D but there was a fair element of “it’s just a flesh wound” in what did occur.

So instead, we had WWE Undertaker tropes before the writers literally chuck the plot into the fire. I fear that the Lord of Light is a comedian.

We got what we wanted for many seasons and it turned out to be a bit rubbish. It was however consistent with the characters at that point in time which is novel for this season so that’s a plus.

However, Cleganebowl robbed us of an emotional end to the Hound’s arc. So that’s disappointing. Cleganebowl serviced the fans but reduced the complexity of the character.

Cleganebowl was a trope that Tropic Thunder mocked – that of the ‘epic battle’.

Another trope in Tropic Thunder was the overuse of pyrotechnics and boy did we see lots of epic pyrotechnics. No wonder they couldn’t afford the SFX costs for Ghost.

Action Explosion Gore – it was like an overexcited Michael Bay film. Spot on from Big D there.

We also had the forlorn child’s toy moment. We were meant to think of Shireen and her toy horse. Instead I am dying laughing at the trope. Not quite the cartwheeling teddy bear in Tropic Thunder but still very funny.

As for Mad Daenerys herself with her nuclear weapon that is Drogon? Once she powered herself up like Hulk Hogan and started decimating King’s Landing for the hell of it, I was laughing again.

It was such a poor execution of a face to heel turn that it wasn’t worthy of belonging in pro wrestling.

Don’t get me wrong, this was great television and gloriously trashy. I really enjoyed it but for all the wrong reasons.

Not even the magnificent Lena Headey could save the trashiness of the Jaime and Cersei scenes. As for the serendipity of Jaime and Euron arriving together? You guessed it, I laughed. I thought Arya healing powers were remarkable but it seems that Jaime also possesses Wolverine type powers of healing. It was a typically unrealistic fight between Cersei’s two lovers. That’s the show now.

Even given all of the above, I remain hopeful of a satisfactory ending in terms of plot. The journey towards it hasn’t been what the show used to be but to end the show, plot had to be the focal point.

Keep up the good work and we will share this ending together.

Best wishes
John Lish

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