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In The Bells episode, when the bells finally ring, we see Dany looking angry on Drogon toward the Red Keep. Instead of burning up King’s Landing, she rides straight to the castle where Cersei is and burns that sucker up, killing Cersei in the process. This is a much more ambiguous action than burning the entire city, and this action will divide her team – is doing this OK because she killed the ruler everyone hates or is it not OK because the bells were indeed rung and the city had surrendered?

In the aftermath, Dany is shown with Tyrion as a prisoner (for aiding and abetting Jaime’s escape) and Jaime as a prisoner (for being Jaime). She is preparing to “Dracarys” them in front of a huge crowd of villagers, Dothraki, Unsullied, etc. Tyrion makes an impassioned speech that is very Tyrion-esque, but the queen is unmoved. Jon Snow steps in and puts in his two cents – let’s all move on, there’s been enough killing, etc. At this point, Dany has had enough and tells Jon he is a traitor for advocating for these two. She immediately has him taken by the Unsullied as a prisoner and puts him by Tyrion and Jaime to be roasted.

Dany indeed yells “Dracarys!” and Drogon blasts Jon, Jaime and Tyrion. Tyrion and Jaime are turned to ash instantly, but since Jon is part Targaryen, he is unburnt and alive. The crowd gasps in astonishment to see he is a true Targaryen and that the rumors are true – he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. The crowd begins to turn on her, and Dany can see this happening. She is overcome and goes completely nuts, and, in a nod to her father’s words, screams “Burn them all!” to Drogon and points to the innocent villagers. Jon screams NO and quiets everyone by admitting what everyone now knows – he is the true heir and King. He orders Dany arrested, which Grey Worm feels he has no choice but to do.

The series wraps up with Dany’s trial, in which Jon passes judgment that she must die, and since we all know the man who passes the sentence must swing the sword, he tearfully executes her himself. Jon then abdicates his throne, saying he never wanted to be king but had to take responsibility for Dany’s trial and sentence before he stepped down.

As there are no Targaryens left, he selects Sansa as the next in line, with Bran as her Hand and advisor. Jon tells everyone he wants to be free of the trappings of power and wants to leave King’s Landing. He decides to go North to reconnect with Tormund and the wildlings to live his life beyond the Wall in peace.

I’m cool with Arya taking to the sea to become a bad-ass pirate.

Clare Blankenship

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