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In my Head Cannon:

*Greyworm goes to Naath dies by butterflies (bc he turned into a douche) *Dothraki live happily raping and pillaging new land and become the new “wildlings” Version 2.0 “South Side” *Sansa is betrayed by the Glovers and dies (bc #F&@^ Sansa)
*Arya dies at sea once she realizes west just leads to essos (possibly killed by FM) *Drogon took Dany to Assahi (where Mel is from) and gets someone (Kinvara?) to bring her back to life where she actually does become Mad and is bent on revenge *Jon finds WW symbols and realizes oh shit it’s not over, Ghost sees it too and says to himself “I remember what u did dad, f*#^ this I’m going with Nymeria” (there’s your bittersweet) *Last scene Bran goes to warg except he opens his eyes … turns blue THE END!!!!

The starks don’t win bc they were actually the “bad guys” this whole time and GRRM got the audience to feel for them in book 1 S1……… (Btw Jon is NOT a Stark, he’s A Targ, “alone in the world, what a terrible thing”- Maester Aemon


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