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Greetings Gene, Big D Ebert, and Roger,

I have loved listening to your podcasts! Thank you! I have failed at keeping this to 500 words, sorry!

Episode 6 rewrite:
Prologue – Everything in the previous seasons and episodes of season 8 remains the same.

We open on Tyrion walking through the rubble of Kings Landing – no changes to this scene.

Next scene: Grey Worm is giving the Lannister men their last rights. John and Sir Davos approach along with some Northmen. John/Davos attempt to rationalize with Grey Worm that the enemy has been defeated. Grey Worm holds steadfast to his stance that the war is over until the enemies of the Queen are dead. Tension escalates as Grey Worm draws his dagger and John grabs Grey Worms arm. Grey Worm explains that he is following the Queen’s orders, John asks what are the Queen’s orders, Grey Worm says Kill all who followed Cersei Lannister. John tries to temper the situation and tells Grey Worm that if these men are sentenced to death, that the person who passed their sentence should be the person to perform the sentence (A lesson from Ned Stark). Grey Worm says he is executing them for his Queen and for his Love that was taken from him by followers of Cersei Lannister. John lets go of Grey Worms arm understanding the loss of Missandei is heavy in Grey Worms heart. John, Davos, and the Northmen leave peacefully.

Next scene: Tyrion below the Red Keep – no changes to this scene, except at the end Tyrion has the bodies of Jamie and Cersei secretly removed so he can have them returned to Casterly Rock for burial.

Next scene: Arya watches as John is walking through the Dothraki soldiers on horses – no changes to this scene. (Addition) Arya speaks to Jon, after Arya tells John that “and I know a killer when I see one.” Arya adds that Daenerys will need to be stopped before she kills everyone we know and love.

Next scene: John visits Tyrion in prison – no changes.

Next scene: John leaves Tyrion and makes his way to Daenerys, walking past the Unsullied and Drogon covered in Snow. John stares down Drogon and walks past him into the throne room, Daenerys enters and approaches the Iron Throne. Dany begins her speech about the number of swords make up the throne. John talks about the atrocities taking place in the city on Dany’s orders

Dialoge changes:
John: And Tyrion
Dany: He conspired behind my back with my enemies, how have you treated people who have done the same to you, even when it broke your heart. John: Forgive him
Dany: I can’t
John: You can’t, you can forgive all of them, make them see they have made a mistake, make them understand. You can’t forgive… or you won’t? Please Dany, lead! Lead in the way you have led with others that have lived in cities, man is flawed, every man is flawed, it is time to forgive. Break the wheel you are talking about, show them what peace is, show them what good is, show them what it means to love Dany: You can’t hide behind small mercies. The world we need won’t be built by men loyal to the world we have

-The rest of the dialog goes unchanged –

After John and Dany embrace and John stabs Dany: She exhales, John sobs.

Drogon cries/growls and enters to find John holding a deceased Dany. John sets down Dany and steps away. John turns to face Drogon and then steps back to reveal Dany’s dead body. As Drogon examines Dany’s slain body nudging and coming to realization what has happened, Grey Worm enters with some Unsullied guards, also a few Dothraki soldiers enter to find John’s dagger in Dany’s chest. Grew Worm/Unsullied/Dothraki go to move on John, but Drogon keeps them back with his tail (not aggressively, but firmly) Drogon then stares Grey Worm down, Drogon will take care of John for his regicide.

Drogon growls and rises up as he prepares to fire, he first fires the thrown melting it, as he continues to fire the iron is turn to liquid, and the stone near is throne is melting (this shows Drogons power and rage), he then pauses, turns to John, and with a High pitched growl he fires on John. We cannot see John through the flames. The fire is so intense that the witnesses – Grey Worm and others have to shield their faces. Drogon screeches almost in triumph. As the fire subsides we see where John had been standing, there marks in the soot and chard stone. As the camera pans up we see a naked John Snow standing there, wounds visible on his sides from the Nights Watch betrayal. He steps forth and Drogon is surprised, Drogon Fires again, as he does John steps in the fire and continues to walk towards Drogon, he gets right to Drogon’s nose. Drogon ceases his dragon fire. Drogon bows his head a little and scoops up Dany. Drogon flies away with Dany in tow. The Unsullied and Dothraki bow to John, Grey Worm does not. Grey Worm give John a look of hate and curiosity. Grey Worm orders the others to arrest John. The soldiers hesitate, Grey Worm orders again with much rage in his voice. John says to the soldiers “It is ok. I will go willingly. Camera pans to Drogon flying over Kings Landing.

Next scene: Kings Moot – Tyrion says that John Snow’s fate is not for Grey Worm to decide. That the crime was committed here in Kings Landing and the next King or Queen will decide. As Tyrion pleads with the “Most Powerful people in Westeros” to choose a King or Queen.

Grey Worm: Our Queen did not want a King or Queen. She wanted to break the wheel. Stop the suffering of the people of the world.

Tyrion: Exactly, Daenerys wanted to break the wheel, to destroy the current system that led to oppressive leaders that governed a unjust world.

Grey Worm: The Queen is gone. She will never see her vision.

Tyrion: In the honor of her vision, we should break the wheel, eliminate the Kingdoms, have territories that are guided by people chosen by the people who live there. Have these territories enter into a peaceful pact.

Sam says to the attendees: Go to your lands, share the stories of violence and suffering a 7 kingdom ruler creates. Bran: Until a leader can be chosen in the next 3 fortnights, all the houses represented here will maintain peace in their lands and with the other territories. Representatives for the areas not present will be chosen by us until the people decide on a people to be their guide.

Tyrion: If any one territory tries to rebel and attack another, then the others will decide the fate of the areas involved. If an outside force attacks one of the territories it is the responsibility of the other territories to join in protecting the realm of men.

-There is discussion among the group –

Grey Worm: Until then who decides on John Snows fate?
Bran: Would it be acceptable to have him return to Castle Black to live out the remainder of his life? Sansa: I do not want John to be sent away, for the crime of saving every man, woman, and child. Tyrion: Why don’t we let John decide. He can choose to stay here and await judgement from the chosen guide or he can choose to go North and join the Nights Watch. Tyrion looks to Grey Worm for approval. Grey Worm gives a reluctant nod. Grey Worm retrieves John from his cell and brings John to the Dragon Pit. Tyrion informs John of the groups decision. John looks at all the people present and looks to his family. John says: I will go forth to Castle Black and live with the people there. Grey Worm nods.
Grew Worm says: What do we do with this one? (pointing to Tyrion) Long pause and silence as the fate is contemplated. Bran: Tyrion has served Kings and Queens well, he has made his mistakes, he has learned from them. He will serve as my advisor as I will lead Kings Landing until a guide can be chosen. Grey Worm nods.

Rest of the scene play-out the same, the end

Sean Rasmussen

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